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Bennie's Pizza

New York Style Hand Tossed Pizza

Home to delectable hand-tossed pizzas, classic Italian hero sandwiches, and an extensive whiskey bar program, Bennie's Pizza invites you to enjoy the culinary mastery of Michelin-starred chef Gerald Addison in a dynamic dining experience.

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Bennie's Pizza has found a new home within the renowned Chicken + Whiskey restaurant, taking over the Whiskey bar area. This strategic move by SRG Concepts managing principals optimizes the 5200 square foot space, offering a shared dining experience for pizza enthusiasts and fans of Peruvian Rotisserie chicken. The 1571 square foot section now accommodates 32 table seats and an additional 25 bar seats.

Under the culinary expertise of Michelin-starred chef Gerald Addison, Bennie's Pizza presents a delectable menu featuring classic Italian cold and hot hero sandwiches. However, the star attraction is the hand-tossed pizza, expertly seasoned and baked in a gas-fired deck oven at an impressive 525 degrees Fahrenheit. One standout creation is the savory and tangy Chicken + Whiskey BBQ pizza, combining the best of both worlds.

The pizza joint doesn't just share space with Chicken + Whiskey; it also shares the renowned "kick-ass" whiskey bar featuring an extensive selection of 99 whiskeys. To enhance the experience, classic Negroni offerings, Italian wine, and beer have been added to the cocktail program.

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